Hot Potato Wedges with Spicy Sauce and Sourcream

Polpette de Ricotta Fried Ricotta Cheese Ball with Herbs served with homemade Tomato Relish

Mushroom or Meat Croqueta Ball

Curried Minced Beef Filo Pie

Spanakopita: Greek Style Spinach, Cheese and Herb pie

Hummus with Hot Pita Bread

Vegetable Dip with Hot Pita Bread

Vegetable Tapa of the Day

Hot Provoleta Cheese with Herbs

Stuffed Bell Pepper with Cod

Free Range Egg &Potato Omelette with Catalan Bread

Stuffed Vine Leaves with Rice served with Tzatziki

Plate of Cured Ham from Teruel with Catalan Bread

Plate of Cured Ham, Smallgoods and Sheeps Cheese with Catalan Bread

Tapa of Manchego Cheese with Dry Biscuits

Tapa of Fuet or Salami with Catalan Bread

Tapa of Spicy Smoked Chorizo with Catalan Bread

White Sardines under Virgin Olive Oil with Bread

Cockles from the Rivers of Galicia

Plate of Catalan Bread

Black Olives or Stuffed Green Olives with Anchovies

Artesanal Potato Chips San Nicasio



White Sourdough Toast with Home Made Jam o Catalan Tomato

Light Sourdough Rye & SeedToast with Jam or Tomato

Fruit Sourdough Loaf Toasted with Butter

Muslei with Natural Organic Bifidus Yogurt and Milk

Greek Yogurt with PurÈe of Fresh Fruits

French Croissant

French Chocolate Croissant

Bread Rolls

Avocado, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Brie Cheese

Chicken, Red Peppers, Lettuce and Mayonase

Fresh Burgos Cheese with Tomato, Anchovies and Chives

Smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayonase

Creamy Blue Cheese and Feta with Tomato and Rocket

Tuna, Lettuce,Olives and Mayonase

Cured Ham from Teruel with Cheese

Cured Ham from Teruel

Free Range Egg &Potato Omelette

Baby Salami o Salami

Spicey Smoked Chorizo from LeÛn


Bikini: Toasted Ham and Cheese Sourdough Sandwich

Toasted Focaccia with Pesto, Mozzarella, Salami and Red Peppers

Hot bread rolls:

Salted Pork, Cheese & Caramellized Onions

Bacon, Fresh Cheese, Grilled Eggplant & Rocket


Of the Day See Blackboard Specials

Greek Lettuce,Tomato, Feta, Cucumber,Onion and Mint

Mixed Lettuce, Tomato, Olives and Onion

Mixed with Tuna

Plates of the Day (See Blackboard)

Soup of the Day

Gazpacho (Summer)

Vegetable Tapa of the Day

Vegetable Dip of the Day

Salad of the day

Free-Range Egg & Vegetable Quiche of the Day with Salad

Pasta (CECCO from Italia)with Sauce of the Day

Hot Meat Dish



Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate and Pistacho Cookie

Greek Yogurt with Fruit PurÈe

Carrot and Walnut Cake

Sublime Chocolate Cake

Hot Sticky Date Pudding

Hot Chocolate Coulant

Baked Ricotta Cheese & Sultana Cake

Icecreams: Sandro Dessii Delicatessen

White Chocolate and Violets

Citrus and Vegetables with Raspberry

Lemon Sorbet

Almond and Orange Flourless Cake

Sour Cream Sultana Biscuit

Golden Butter Oat Snap